When it comes to improving your living space, a home addition provides many advantages. Not only do home additions increase the amount of livable space you have, but they can also maximize the use you get out of certain rooms, add home value, and increase opportunities for creative interior design projects. So if home additions can bring so many benefits, why is it that some homeowners are hesitant to move forward with these projects? Read on to find out.

home additions

Top Concerns About Home Additions (And Why You Shouldn’t Worry!)

One of the biggest concerns that homeowners have when it comes to additions is that the addition itself will look out of place with the existing building structure. They worry that their addition will look clunky, mismatched, and poorly designed. It is for this reason that many homeowners, despite knowing what positive changes a home addition can make, don’t even explore the option.

What these homeowners don’t realize, however, is that all it takes to ensure a smooth transition from your existing home to home addition is the right contractor. When first planning your remodeling project, get in touch with a design/build remodeler from the start and discuss the different options you have. It is key to seek a design/build remodeler first for advice.  What the design/build remodeler can do for you is establish what or what cannot be done due to building restriction lines, establish whether your dream addition would “outbuild” the neighborhood, offer different suggestions for your addition that you may not have thought of, and most importantly, establish a budget for the architect to work with.  The design/build remodeler’s architect will work with you to determine a design plan that not only stays within your budget, but looks cohesive and beautiful both inside and out.