Standard touchups and minor renovations are par for the course when it comes time to sell your home.

But a complete overhaul of a kitchen or bathroom for the sole purpose of impressing potential buyers is not necessarily essential.

And yet so many homeowners wait until the moment they decide to sell and move to spend an exorbitant amount of money for a major upgrade to a room they will never get to enjoy.

Kind of sad when you think about it.

Why suffer in silence with a bathroom that is too small, or a kitchen with an inadequate workspace where nothing is ever within arm’s reach, only to make these significant living improvements for the next family that moves in.

By remodeling when it fits your lifestyle, not your moving date, you will be able to enjoy your home and its new aesthetics and functionality.

The kitchen and the master bathroom are, by far, the rooms that deliver the biggest bang for your buck. Remodeling funds – whenever you decide to move forward with a project – are best funneled here.

Many homeowners tend to worry that if they remodel now, their new kitchen or bathroom may look dated if and when they do decide to sell their house. The fact of the matter is by hiring a quality contractor known for exquisite craftsmanship, you will ultimately increase your home’s overall value. And by making informed choices about appliances, fixtures, finishes, and more – your home can still be cutting edge when you put it on the market.

If you think remodeling may be in your future, here are some things consider prior to calling your contractor:

  • Flip the script: Think about what you would be looking for in a house as a prospective buyer and apply that to your current home.
  • Identify Your Biggest Need: Identify features and/or components that are worn out, outdated, or functionally limited.
  • Go Green: Explore energy-efficient additions that can save you money in the long run.

Recent trends place remodeling over relocating, so remodel and enjoy your home today. Cossentino & Sons can help you design the room of your dreams. Visit us online or call 410-442-0000.