Your kitchen’s countertops are like leather seats in an automobile – they are a stamp of luxury.

For that reason, it is important to select a material that is not only decorative but also durable when choosing countertops for a kitchen remodel. There are many fine materials available on the market, such as marble and wood. But two stand out as the contemporary crème de la crème of the kitchen remodeling world: quartz and granite.

Granite – mined in quarries before being polished to a fine sheen – has long been a traditional favorite, thanks to its 100% natural quality.

Quartz, meanwhile, is not completely natural – but consists of 5% polymer resin. And yet it is increasingly considered the higher-end choice when it comes to countertops. In fact, according to studies conducted by Houzz back in 2018, engineered quartz upstaged granite as a kitchen remodeling trend.

But why?

Granite is available in many colors and patterns – and no two countertops are alike. While this can be seen as a benefit, it also makes finding the perfect fit occasionally challenging. Quartz, on the other hand, offers a greater selection of styles with a uniformity of colors to match your specific tastes.

Costing 20 to 30% more than granite, on average, it remains the most popular option for luxury kitchen remodels.

Quartz is both harder and stronger than granite, it is more flexible, and many contractors say that it is easier to install. It is also considered better for the environment, as the quarrying process for granite consumes a great deal of energy and requires transportation from the quarry to your remodeling project.

Because quartz is a solid surface, resealing should never be required, as opposed to granite – which is porous and may require annual resealing treatments to extend the countertop’s lifespan. This hallmark difference between the two materials also contributes to quartz being easier to clean and less susceptible to staining.

Unlike granite, however, quartz is extremely sensitive to heat and can be subject to discoloration under direct sunlight – both considerations when choosing countertops for a kitchen remodel.

Ultimately, however, the decision regarding countertops for a kitchen remodel comes down to personal preference.

Regardless of what material you choose – quartz, granite, or any number of fine materials – Cossentino & Sons Remodeling and Design can help you realize your dream kitchen, complete with professionally installed custom countertops.

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