Last year’s extended quarantine resulted in a widespread realization among homeowners that our living spaces were in desperate need of an upgrade or two.

Thanks to a renewed focus on dining at home, families began spending more time in the heart of the house – the kitchen. Perhaps more than ever before, this room is being viewed as a hub for imagination, community, and comfort, as evidenced by a number of kitchen remodeling trends for 2021.

  • Creativity and color: In 2021, kitchen remodeling trends are moving away from plain, white spaces, as an increasing number of homeowners introduce splashes of color into their kitchens – using it to accentuate cabinets, islands, and bordering walls.

Warm colors that evoke comfort and home are also on the rise, and dark woods will more frequently be used for shelves, cabinetry, and floors.

Additionally, creative flourishes and touches, such as open shelves to house books and antiques, and curated artwork on the walls, will help to make the kitchen feel more like the gathering space it has always been, and not just a place where meals are prepared.

  • Tile and Marble: No longer relegated as a backsplash, tile is making new waves in the kitchen as a way to drum up visual interest. Hand-painted tilework and textured stone mosaics are taking the place of upper cabinetry, creating a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Heavily veined marble, too, is making a comeback, and has quickly become a favorite of remodelers. Durable and sustainable, marble also contrasts nicely with the polished surfaces, woods, and metals common in luxury kitchens.
  • Walk-in pantries: Professional remodelers can help homeowners create organized, aesthetically pleasing walk-in spaces that boost organization and efficiency (or simply an opportunity to showcase a masterfully curated wine collection). Pantries don’t necessarily need to be oversized to offer cleaner, more streamlined space. Smaller closets can be outfitted with counters to deliver extended prep area. This helps to eliminate the need for excess cabinetry in the main room, opening up additional possibilities for previously mentioned mosaics, artwork, and more.
  • Touchless faucets: A renewed emphasis on hygiene and handwashing took center stage in 2020, causing sales for touchless kitchen faucets to soar. Voice activated faucets, too, are increasingly in demand, helping homeowners to dispense precise amounts needed for cooking and helping them to use water more efficiently.

When implementing any of the aforementioned kitchen remodeling trends in your home, always turn to a licensed, experienced remodeling team. A professional’s help isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

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