Remodeling your home is a significant undertaking, and even more so when you have children. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep the kids entertained and content throughout the process, as they look forward to new bells and whistles for the family to enjoy – or even a new room for themselves.

But what about Fido and Fluffy? What about the pets in your home that could care less about the new credenza, and have no real use for that dream bathroom you’ve been talking about? What about them?

Consider the following 3 home remodeling tips that will keep your pets comfy during construction:

  1. Introduce them to the crew: Most animals aren’t too keen on strangers encroaching upon their territory. Even the friendliest dogs can be awkward around new people and strange guests they’ve never encountered before. On the flip side, some pups are eager go-getters that just can’t wait to pounce on the first person that walks through the door. Before work begins, consider introducing your pet to the contractors who will be working on-site every day. Getting your dog, and to some degree, your cat, acclimated to the new smells and sounds they’ll experience over the next several weeks or more helps to create a sense of normalcy and can go a long way toward calming their nerves.
  2. Get back to nature: In other words, outdoors is better than indoors during work hours. When possible, take your dog to the local park or for a few trips around the block, or better yet – the neighborhood. Go on long, “heads out the window” doggie drives through the country. Fenced backyards are also a godsend during construction, as your pet can roam free without being thrust into the thick of things. If your yard isn’t fenced, maybe a close friend or family member would be gracious enough to loan you their lawn for a few days (or more).
  3. Create a doggie distraction: Do something special for your dog or cat to make up for this temporary interruption in their solitude. New toys and treats are a great “bribe.” Keep them on steady rotation to give your pets a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle.
  4. Give them a place of their own: Doggie daycare programs are a huge industry, and there are likely several open and operating in your town as we speak. These resorts are typically staffed by certified pet specialists who love animals and go above and beyond to make each guest’s stay as rewarding as possible. Do your due diligence, research the best, most meticulous experiences for your pet, and seek out testimonials and referrals from friends and neighbors.

If you must keep your pet at home and indoors during construction, consider using a crate to make your dog and your contractors more comfortable and safer, all-around. It’s a small inconvenience for your pet, but one that ensures that your dog won’t make a run for it if and when a door is left open and that no injuries of any kind – human or canine – occur on site.

And the most important step on this list of home remodeling tips? Hire a remodeling company that understands the importance of family.

Cossentino & Sons has decades of experience remodeling homes owned and inhabited by families of all shapes and sizes. Our team understands the temporary disruption that can occur during work hours, and we do our best to be as efficient and unintrusive as possible.

  • Dirt and debris are minimized using barrier protection that reduces the spread of dust throughout your home.
  • Daily cleanups are conducted on our job sites before the crew leaves each day.
  • We operate under a “no open door” policy when working in a home with pets and ensure that all doors and gates are closed immediately after use.

And while we don’t remodel dog houses, we do everything in our power to make your home remodel easier on your dog. Contact us today to learn more.