Would you benefit from a custom garage addition? Many single-family homes are built with an attached garage, typically crafted to last for decades. Occasionally, however, our needs as homeowners change. Our families grow. “Stuff” accumulates. Space gets tighter.

A custom garage addition can provide a stellar solution to storage woes, added workspace wishes, or even a safe playroom where the kids can let loose (whether 2, 12, or 22).  A second level could even be converted into an apartment or a man cave.

Ask yourself: what is my main goal?

Do you desire more space for vehicles or storage?

Would you like to increase your home’s living space?

For families who plan to stay in their current home for the long haul, a custom garage addition can provide a spacious and aesthetically dynamic structure with multiple uses. Like any other home improvement, however, a custom garage addition should ultimately be about bringing your entire home into alignment with your personal needs and desires. For this reason, it is important to speak to a professional contractor about the possibilities available to you.

Consider these four uses for your custom garage addition:

  • Finding a right place for the right stuff: The garage was conceptualized as a place to store vehicles while keeping them safe from the elements. They have gradually become a catch-all for the things we accumulate that we have no other space for. In fact, a 2015 survey by Gladiator GarageWorks showed 25% of homeowners’ garages were so cluttered, they could not fit a single car inside. A custom garage addition can provide coveted storage area for your lawn equipment, tools, sporting supplies, and so much more.
  • Getting back to work: Many companies across the nation continue to operate remotely. Subsequently, converting attached garages into home offices has become a popular life hack. After all, this unique space provides plenty of opportunities to create a custom and quiet reprieve from the bustle of the main house. But where does that leave the cars? A detached custom garage addition can provide a secondary space to utilize in any way you see fit: use it as a safe haven for your automobiles and additional storage or make this your office away from the office (and enjoy the short commute!)
  • Putting family first: Custom garage additions can easily be outfitted into a separate living quarters, complete with water and electric. This can be an ideal upgrade if you ever require an in-law addition or an apartment for a child who is returning home from college.
  • Making things personal. Think outside the box (or, in this case, garage). Forget about the automobiles and plastic bins filled with books and old Barbie dolls. Use your new garage as a personalized space for a unique collection that you never had an opportunity to showcase. Talk to your contractor about customized shelving and display units.

Bring your home into balance with a custom garage addition. Contact Cossentino & Sons for a quote or call 410-442-0000 to speak to one of our specialists and get started on your new space today.