When it comes to childcare, hiring a live-in nanny is one of the most convenient options available to parents. Far more reliable than a babysitter and able to give more personalized attention to your child than a day care center, a live-in nanny is able to provide you and your family with consistent care and service, whenever you are in need of it. But in order to have a live-in nanny, you’ll need an actual place for them to live! Read on to find out more about creating an apartment addition specially suited for a live-in nanny.

Live-in Nanny Apartments: What to Know


If you are considering hiring a live-in nanny, an apartment addition will be an absolute must-have beforehand. While the addition can be built off of practically any part of your existing structure, it is important to know what that addition should include, for example:

  • A Private Entrance. In order to create the atmosphere of an independent apartment (that just so happens to be conveniently close to work), it is important to give your nanny his or her own private entrance to your home.
  • A Spacious Bedroom. The last thing you want to do is to make your live-in nanny feel as though they are living in a cramped college dorm room! While it need not be equivalent in size to your master bedroom, a live-in nanny’s bedroom should have space, light, and storage.
  • A Private Bathroom. Just like a traditional apartment would have, your apartment addition for a live-in nanny can also include its own bathroom. A full bath is preferred over a half bath because it allows your nanny maximum privacy.
  • A Kitchenette. While building a full second kitchen in your home may be a bit on the extravagant side, a kitchenette is perfect for an apartment addition. A reasonably-sized fridge, toaster oven, and sink can all fit comfortably in a well-designed kitchenette.


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