Are you planning a major renovation? Call Cossentino & Sons!
Are you planning a major renovation? Call Cossentino & Sons!

At Cossentino and Sons, we take great pride in each and every project we complete. Whether we’re updating your master bath or renovating the exterior of your home, we approach all tasks with the same care and attention to detail. We go above and beyond during the planning process to ensure that the end result is a success, but there are steps you can take before we even sit down for a consultation. Discover how you can start planning for a major renovation today!

Determine What You Want

This might come as a surprise, but many homeowners don’t have a firm idea of what they want to remodel. While the professionals at Cossentino and Sons can assist you with tips inspiration, it helps to have a general idea of your project before calling a contractor.

Schedule a Home Inspection

Experts recommend having your home inspected every two years, but this number can change depending on the area you live, and the year your house was built. If you’re considering a home renovation, schedule a professional inspection to ensure that there won’t be any problems along the way.

Discuss the Plans with Family and Neighbors

If you live in a neighborhood, call your neighbors and inform them of your plans. The process of remodeling your home can be loud, and it’s considered good manners to give your neighborhood a heads up. Also, discuss the plans with your family, and determine if you’re going to stay on-site during the renovation process or take a vacation.

Think Green

Now more than ever, it’s important to consider energy efficiency in all aspects of our lives.  When choosing fixtures, windows, and materials, consider the efficiency of these items. You might pay more initially, but investing in a green home will save you money in the long run.

Consider the Long-Term

Do you plan to live at your residence for years to come? Or are you remodeling to increase the resale value of the property? Consider the long-term scope of your project. If you’re remodeling for resale, set your personal tastes aside to accommodate contemporary trends. Prospective homebuyers will pay more for certain designs and amenities. The team at Cossentino and Sons can also help you make decisions based on market trends.

Call Cossentino and Sons Today!

Find a contractor that specializes in additions and major renovations, such as Cossentino & Sons. A licensed, experienced remodeling team isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

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