Taking the plunge and renovating your home this summer? Don’t go it alone. Here are just five fantastic pro-tips from seasoned remodelers that will help you put your best foot forward.

  1. Emphasize open space: Remodeling your 20th or 21st-century home? Many may tend toward a closed-off floor plan that can make navigation tricky from time to time. An open floor plan, on the other hand, eliminates walls to give your home a more cohesive and comfortable feel, allowing many rooms to share a common space. This not only enhances square footage but frequently allows for more natural light and expanded views while streamlining communication between family members and guests.
  2. Focus on the kitchen: The bathroom is also worth reassessment, but the kitchen – beyond all other rooms in your home – gets to the heart of all matters. Make it completely your vision. Talk to your contractor about improving your existing kitchen’s flow with more space to cook and converse, adding accommodations for both food prep and seating. Take steps to reflect your family’s personality, showcasing your interests and your unique flair for design, whether rustic, modern, or with a keen eye toward seamless function. Don’t be afraid to implement color – particularly if you’ve been putting off this redesign for decades.
  3. Don’t ignore the exterior. The warmer months can be a great time to work on your home’s exterior. Better weather makes it easier for families to get away from the job site for longer periods while construction is underway. Not only that but by improving your home’s outward appearance you can vastly boost your curb appeal and make maintenance more manageable. Additions, including screened porches and pool houses, and amenities from custom brick accents and garages can completely revitalize your home’s look, feel, and function.
  4. Consider the pets and kids: An active remodeling zone can be challenging, to say the least, when an entire family is living in the home. Safety, of course, is the primary concern, and care should be taken to ensure that day-to-day life doesn’t have to be put on a hold, full stop, while work is being completed. For that reason, it is imperative to find a remodeling contractor that understands the importance of family, and how to work within its structure. A quality contractor will take steps to reduce the spread of dust in your home, while initiating protocols for daily cleanup. They will also make certain that gates and doors are immediately closed after use.
  5. Don’t go with the cheapest bid: Choosing the best remodeling contractor is a decision that will not only help you with your latest renovation but will continue to serve you well into the future. So, don’t skimp. Choosing the best prospect should be a decision balanced by multiple factors including experience, licensing, portfolio, referrals, compatibility, and – yes – price. But don’t let the price tag, alone, be your solitary guide.

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