Experts have weighed in with their lists of 2022 home improvement trends. Not surprisingly, some of the most popular are about designing the perfect office, making the perfect getaway, and letting the light shine in.

Here are just four of the top trends to consider when embarking upon your next home renovation:

  1. Home office: This year, far more time and effort will go into converting living space into workspace. At the outset, when work-from-home scenarios were strictly a necessity, precious little thought was devoted to the feng shui of it all. Now that these situations are more widespread and commonplace, a renewed vigor for a work-life balance is expected. Home offices are one of the leading 2022 home improvement trends. Hideaways that have just been “getting by” will be reimagined and enhanced to deliver a more professional appearance and a more functional infrastructure. Looking to maximize your productivity in style? It may be time to take another look at secondary living spaces like the garage.
  2. Exterior enhancements: Outdoor additions are also on the rise. Perhaps due to recent uncertainty surrounding a return to social norms, homeowners are bringing the party to the backyard, with pools – and pool houses – becoming big-ticket items for the oncoming summer season. Screened porches and other additions that extend the living area, encourage natural light, and foster a greater connection with the outdoors will also take center stage.
  3. Plenty of sunshine: As mentioned, natural light is expected to be a big draw for homeowners in 2022. With so much doom and gloom in the news, it’s easy to understand why. Kitchen spaces, in particular, will benefit from expansive window settings – possibly even on multiple walls, allowing amateur chefs to find their ingredients without fail, and encouraging guests to gather and take in the rays.
  4. Going green: Color palates have taken an interesting turn in the last year or so. According to Houzz, practically every major paint company named a shade of green as its 2022 Color of the Year. Why? It’s a color that evokes freshness and comfort, as well as a closer relationship with nature, and that’s what homeowners are looking for right now. Green can also skew exotic – a growing desire in an age where travel is not as simple as it once was.

Regardless of the direction you decide to take your home, Cossentino and Sons Remodeling & Design should be your first call. We have our finger on the pulse of 2022 home improvement trends, and our licensed, experienced craftsmen will make certain you get the results you long for out of your next home remodel. Call us at 410-442-0000 to learn more and get started.