renovated master bathroom
You master bathroom can be your very own retreat.

The master bathroom is the perfect room to indulge in a luxurious renovation. What better way to treat yourself than by coming home and rejuvenating in your very own spa? Here are a few things that can transform your master bathroom into an everyday getaway.

Steam Shower

A steam shower is a great addition to the bathroom. Consisting of a vertical bar that dispenses steam into an enclosed shower, a steam shower is like having your own personal sauna. Humans have been using steam since the days of Ancient Greece and Rome. The environment created by a steam shower has been proven to have a therapeutic effect on those suffering from depression, anxiety, acne, arthritis, and sore joints and muscles. If you often come home feeling stressed from work, then a steam shower will make a marked improvement on your health and mood.

Towel Warmer

After stepping out of the steam shower, you don’t want to be greeted by a cold room. A towel warming drawer keeps clean towels cozy and warm when you need them. A warming drawer can be installed right in your bathroom vanity so that it blends in with your bathroom’s decor. You’ll feel so pampered, you’ll forget what it was like to use a regular towel!

Mood Lighting

Finally, to really set the spa atmosphere, install mood lighting that changes at the touch of a button. There are so many options you can choose when it comes to lighting. Dimmer lights allow you to set the brightness to exactly how you’re feeling. Separate extra-bright lights above the vanity can provide you with enough light to apply your makeup just right. If you really want to go for an upscale and dramatic look, you can choose to install underlighting in whatever color you choose. Your lighting choices are nearly endless, so you can choose the lighting theme that perfectly fits your master bathroom!

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