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Whether you’re renovating your home or starting from the ground up, It’s important to tackle this project prepared. An experienced contractor can provide expert advice, but it helps to have a firm understanding of contemporary styles and trends. Are you planning to update the master bath? Consider the most popular finishes of 2018.

Underfloor Heating

Imagine walking into your bathroom in the early morning without slippers, and experiencing the comfortable sensation of heated floors. Underfloor heating systems are the new must-have addition to any luxury home, and they’re especially important during those chilly Maryland winters. Not only do they provide homeowners with agreeable heat, but they also reduce noise levels throughout the space.

Brass & Gold

Brass and gold fixtures offer warm accents that chrome or polished metal can’t provide. Think your grandmother’s bathroom– redefined. Classic fixtures establish depth and dimension to a space, while expertly crafted materials tie the room together luxuriously. Consider pairing brass and gold accents with cooler paint colors such as stone or dark gray to maximize the modern appeal.

Strategic Lighting

Designers are thinking smarter, not harder. By implementing a strategic lighting system, homeowners can receive the best lighting to apply their makeup, floss their teeth, or pamper themselves. Unique fixtures and modern-day technologies provide ample illumination that isn’t hard on the eyes. Dimming features allow homeowners to relax in their clawfoot bathtub or luxurious spa.

Spa Features

Are you looking to recreate your favorite spa or sauna? Do you enjoy escaping to your master bath after a day of work or parenting? This year, designers are adding spa-like touches to master baths. Accent walls, organic tiling, and luxurious features provide homeowners with the ideal place to relax and unwind after a long day. Consider taking your master bath experience to the next level with a rain shower. Do you love relaxing outdoors after a nice bath? Consider adding french doors that open up to a deck or outdoor living space.