Merena Powder Room
Open shelving, mirrors, large tiles, and the generous use of white all make this small bathroom feel bigger.

Does your home have a powder room? A powder room, also known as a half bath, is a bathroom without a shower or bathtub. Because of the small size of these rooms, they can too often feel cramped and uncomfortable. However, with some thoughtful design, these lovely powder rooms can feel much more expansive and open. Here are a few ways a powder room renovation can open up this small part of the home.

Pedestal Sink

Since there is no shower or bathtub in a powder room, there is no need to store towels, shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries. Since you don’t need so much room for storage, you can open up your floor space by removing your bathroom vanity and installing a pedestal sink. Anything that does need to be stored in the powder room can be kept in a recessed medicine cabinet above the sink or in open shelving above the toilet. The extra floor space can really increase mobility in such a small space!


Many psychological studies have shown that different colors have different effects on our mood and perceptions. So, when trying to make a small space feel bigger, opting for white will have the best effect. White tiles and white walls will reflect light, making the space seem bigger than it actually is. Keeping your decorations to a minimum will also promote a clean, expansive look. Even other light neutral colors work well, as long as you incorporate the same color throughout the bathroom.

Go Big

When choosing your white or neutral tiles, consider larger tiles as an option. Small tiles have more grout lines, which visually breaks up the space. Larger tiles have fewer grout lines, which means that the space appears visually uncluttered and more cohesive. If possible, try to go with the same tiles throughout the room. The resulting look is calming while also giving the appearance of more space!