master bathroom
A well-designed master bathroom stays enjoyable and accessible for years to come.

If you are considering remodeling your master bathroom, it’s important that you create a space that you can enjoy for years to come. There are a few features that you can add to a master bathroom that will preserve not only their trendy appeal but also their usefulness over time. Here’s how to create a master bathroom you’ll love for years:

Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers are all the rage right now. You may have even noticed your neighbors and friends converting their old bathtubs to walk-in showers or extending their bathrooms to include a bathtub as well as a walk-in shower. The increased popularity of walk-in showers is not just because they’re so stylish; they’re also a forward-thinking choice for aging families. Walk-in showers require no stepping over the side of a bathtub, which makes them easily accessible. Whether you’re taking care of aging parents or planning ahead for your own independent living in your own home, a walk-in shower helps to facilitate aging.

Walk-In Closet

Just as a walk-in shower is easily accessible and stylish, so is a walk-in closet. An added walk-in closet to a bathroom creates ample space for storing clothing and changing after a shower. If you equip your walk-in closet with a makeup table and a chair, you have a luxurious space where you can take your time to look your best.

Ceramic Tile with Radiant Floor Heating

Nothing says luxury like high-end ceramic tile. A bathroom outfitted with ceramic tile floors looks opulent and spa-like, while also having that natural, rustic touch. Ceramic tiles can textured to be slip-resistant, so they’re safe for kids and aging parents alike. Plus, the smooth coolness of ceramic tile feels relieving on sore feet. During winter, you can heat up that cold tile with radiant floor heating installed underneath the tiles. This form of heating is highly efficient and heats the whole room, starting at the floor. Smooth tile with built-in heating is a great way to preserve that pampered feeling winter after winter.

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