luxury remodeling maryland
luxury remodeling maryland

Luxury remodeling in Maryland is very common. The key to remodeling any home is to establish a cohesive theme throughout the entire house. Consistency is the king of design, and each room has to blend seamlessly with the next for the project to look complete. If you’ve always wanted to attach a luxury bath to your Maryland home, consider how the new addition will tie into your master bedroom.

Gather Inspiration

Adding a luxury bath is a considerably large project, and it’s important to determine what you want to gain out of it. We’ve included a few examples of a luxury bath addition from a project the Cossentino & Sons team recently completed. This elegant bathroom features two vanities, a high ceiling, and French doors that open up to a spacious deck.

Consult Your Design Team

A great contracting team will assess the master bedroom before taking any steps towards luxury bath design. Determine how you will want the attached bath to connect to the bedroom. Would you like to establish a traditional barrier between the bath and the master bedroom such as a door? Or would you prefer to maintain an open floor plan, with the luxury bath in plain sight of the bedroom? Once the design team evaluates your needs and the current space, they can provide you with a variety of ideas for your new addition.

Choose Complementary Materials

An addition doesn’t have to match a room perfectly, but it wouldn’t make sense to attach a colonial-inspired room to a 1950’s rancher. Work with your design team to determine which materials would complement your master bedroom the most. Finish the project strong by correlating paint color, design, and furniture with the master bedroom.

Luxury Features  

Adding luxurious features to your new luxury bath can create a unique and comfortable space. Whether you want to install a discreet flat screen television to the wall across from the tub or you prefer to establish an energy efficient room with upgraded appliances, your design team can help.