bathroom trends
Walk-in showers are proving to be a timeless trend.

When you’re planning a bathroom remodeling project, it can be hard to make decisions on the look and feel of the room. And many bathroom trends are out there, but how can you tell whether these trends are timeless or fads? You want to make sure that your bathroom remodeling project ends up being a valuable investment that will stand the test of time. Nowadays, there has been a shift away from elaborate, showpiece bathrooms towards more utilitarian designs. Here are 5 bathroom trends that reflect this and are worth investing in.

1. Tubs are Being Eliminated

Large whirlpool tubs were prized in master bathrooms in the past, but homeowners have realized since then that our hectic modern lifestyles rarely allow us the time to indulge in a good soak. The space that these large tubs take up can often be put to better use. Consider enlarging the shower or installing another vanity in this added space to make good use of this extra space.

2. Growing Importance of Showers

Larger showers have been dominating recent bathroom trends, incorporating features such as multiple shower heads, grab bars, and bench seating. Eye-catching shower surrounds and low or zero clearance entries have also been popular, especially with older clients seeking easy access to their showers.

3. Taller Vanities

Traditionally, vanities have been 30 inches in height, but homeowners are quickly realizing how much strain they can put on your back. 36-inch tall vanities have been growing in popularity for precisely this reason.

4. Hiding the Toilet

Incorporating a water closet into your remodel is one of the bathroom trends that homeowners are growing attached to. These separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom, allowing two people to use it at the same time while creating a little privacy and hiding the least attractive feature of your bathroom.

5. More Natural Daylight

Science shows that increasing the amount of natural light in your home increases your well-being as well as reduces your utility bills. Bathrooms can utilize skylights to bring in more natural light while also assuring your privacy. Solar tubes are a great way to get natural light in bathrooms where skylights are impractical.