Howard County Home Addition Remodeling - 13
Home additions add a functional room to your home, increasing your home’s value.

As our families grow or our needs change, many families find it necessary to add a home addition. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all home addition; every home addition that is built by Cossentino is specially constructed to fit the home and serve a purpose. Generally, there are five types of home additions that most homeowners will choose between.

Room Addition

This is exactly what it sounds like: a new room that is built onto the existing home. This can be an in-law addition for aging parents, a small apartment to rent out, an extra bathroom, or anything that constitutes a new room in the home. Room additions can add value to the home because they add function.


Sunrooms have long been thought to be a poor choice of home addition because they were drafty and had poor temperature regulation. Today, modern sunrooms are equipped with double-paned windows, heating, air conditioning, and even heated tiles. The sunroom is a room of comfort in any season, which makes a sunroom a valuable addition to the home.

Bump Out

Rather than building an entirely new room, some homeowners prefer to build a bump out instead. This is when an existing room is expanded for more space. You can make a small kitchen big enough for an island, make a half bathroom big enough to install a shower, or make a cramped dining room big enough for guests to move comfortably. A bump out will usually be built with its own roof structure, so as not to tamper with the existing structure.

Garage Conversion

If you have decided to build a freestanding custom garage and are left with your old attached garage, you may decide to do a garage conversion. This is when the garage attached to the house is finished so that it becomes another room in the home. This process usually entails ducting HVAC systems to the garage, insulating, finishing walls and floors, and adding design elements to make the room flow with the rest of the home. A garage conversion works great as a hobby room, guest room, or small apartment.

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