Ortanez Laundry Butler's Pantry
This Butler’s Pantry features its own washer and dryer for washing party linens.

Have you heard of a butler’s pantry? A butler’s pantry, located between the kitchen and the dining room, is essentially a walk-in closet for your kitchen. Traditionally, butler’s pantries were used as a place for the butler to securely store the family’s expensive silver. Today, It provides extra space for kitchen storage as well as a convenient staging area for party preparation. If you find yourself entertaining regularly, you’ll easily enjoy the many benefits of this versatile space.

When to Build a Butler’s Pantry

Are you planning a kitchen remodel? If so, now would be the most convenient time to consider adding a butler’s pantry, since you’ll already have materials ordered and installers in your home. You can roll the costs of your new pantry in with the rest of the kitchen remodel. You’ll also be able to make sure that the cabinetry, appliances, and other elements of your pantry matches the new features of your kitchen for a cohesive look.

Even if you’re not planning a remodel, you can still have a butler’s pantry installed. Installing a butler’s pantry is similar to installing an addition in that you’ll have to plan for how it will interact with the other existing elements of the home, and you’ll have to plan for new plumbing, electric work, etc. If you’re really longing for a brand new butler’s pantry, then nothing is stopping you! We’ll help you along the way with your planning and design so that you have a finished pantry that you’ll love.

How to Equip Your Butler’s Pantry

How you equip your butler’s pantry will depend on how you entertain. The pantry is where you’ll be preparing food, drinks, and other items for guests before they arrive. Do you normally serve coffee? Then perhaps a built-in coffee maker is right for you. Consider whether a plumbed or reservoir system will best meet your needs. Do you serve wine? Then a wine fridge located in the pantry will be a huge convenience. You’ll also want to plan for storage for essentials like wine glasses, cloth napkins, and other dinner accessories. If you often serve food at your gatherings, then a warming drawer can keep food hot and on hand.

No matter how you set up your butler’s pantry, you’ll find that the convenience it adds to your life makes entertaining guests and hosting formal events much less stressful and a lot more fun!

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